Help with clutch please folks


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Hey all,
I am wondering if anyone can possibly shed any light on my current issue.
It’s quite long winded but I’ll try and keep it on point.
Ok so....... I purchased an fz1n 2008 with 22k on the clock around a month ago. It came with full service history and really looks clean as a whistle.
Due to the weather and lockdowns and work etc I haven’t really give it a good run until Saturday, I did around 80 mile and everything seemed to be great, until I got home and the wife asked me to pop to the shop. As I was pulling away I noticed that in first gear she was very on/off and what I would describe as choppy and struggling. I didn’t think much of it at first but en route home from the shop I noticed it was really struggling to get anywhere in first and just didn’t want to pull, it reminded me of 1 time I had a kink in my fuel line years ago but as soon as it’s out of second it seems to ease off.
Then when I got home I just couldn’t find neutral at all, it was either 1st gear of second and nothing in between. When the bike cooled off everything seem to go back to normal except from the on/off feeling it first. I run it up to temp again in the garage and the tacho was very intermittent between 1300 and dropped to 900 and instantly raises to in between the two.
I have also noticed that when on the paddock stand the wheel spins when in gear almost as if the clutch being pulled in isn’t making a difference at all. It stops with the rear brake and stays stopped until the temp raises and then it’s as if the clutch is out constantly.
the adjustment on both ends of the cable appear to be correct but I am not very mechanically minded so just thought I’d ask if you guys have any ideas?
man thanks for reading this and apologies if it’s not easy to follow lol
All the best