How To: LED Integrated taillight install (w/o removing tail section)

That's weird... From what I remember, the little clips on the black part are what held it tight in that slot, not the taillight...That or the weatherstripping between the black piece and the bottom of the taillight held it snugly...

Maybe you can put a tiny piece of weatherstripping behind the clip it to hold it tight?

Sorry, but at this point I'm not going to be much help. Ride it down to SC and I'll take a look at it :rmwl:
I just went out to the parkinglot and uncovered my bike...The taillight doesn't touch that black part anywhere other than the weatherstripping along the bottom. There is lots of clearance between the black piece and the taillight on that verticle spoke... maybe you didn't push it up in there far enough? Or broke off the little tabs? I dunno man...
I just wanted to say a big thank you to RC5695 for his invaluable guide to installing an integrated tail light. I purchased an LED Sequential tail light from Motodynamic with a clear lens. It is a plug and play unit, the only wires I had to work on were the number plate light. Following the instructions made this job a breeze as I am not fantastic at doing this sort of thing. I have come away feeling great and patting my self on the back.
Glad I could be of help Vagabond. Now I know uploading that wasn't a waste of time ;)

I've got mine stripped down again now installing some LED's while I was doing a valve adjustment/check. I sent a pic to a guy at work with the same bike. He said if he ever gets to the mileage that he's supposed to do the valve check there's no way he'll tear it down that far himself. lol.