Kaneg FZ1 Rearsets


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I wouldn't think many if any have on the FZ-1 in particular - if I wanted more aggressive ergos I would ride the R1 :p

The link didn't provide specifications of how far back down or up it positions itself. The peg doesn't look all to comfortable either. just mho


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Kaneg is a local Australian seller that uses cheap Chinese made parts. They would be similar to other Chinese made rearsets like Ottimoto etc.

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Ginger Meggs

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Couldn't comment on the rear sets but a mate of mine has the stands and they are good quality. He recently bought some more components for the stands and kaneg did a great deal on price with good customer service.


Those just look like Sato knock offs for $400. The real Sato's are $500. The Vortex rearsets are $350 new. I have them on my bike and love them. I picked them up for $200 off ebay. The Vortex rearsets go further up and back than the others.