Long ride in Missouri


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I bought my FZ1 on 12/29/2009 after trading in my 2007 Hayabusa. I wanted something a bit more comfortable and practical that was geared more towards the type of riding I actually do on a regular basis. We had such a bad winter this year that I didn't even get to ride to work until April 1. It was darn cold. Last week, I finally got a really long ride under my belt with the new bike. I rode from St. Louis to Whiteman AFB and back again on Tuesday for a total of 418 miles. Took about 7 hours in the saddle. WOW, that seat is not comfortable. It's not bad at all for short bursts, but starts to hurt pretty bad after an hour.


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418 is a long day on a stock FZ saddle, I prefer my FJR with a Rick Mayer for days over 350 miles.

I've done 250 days on the stock saddle and my hind end was sore but my back hurt even more. I bought a Sargent and even tho it's not as soft for my butt my back is way happier and in the long run that makes a better day.

Top Saddlery makes a good looking all day saddle but costs more and you have to deal with the French :poke:

Glad you made it out for a good ride , now do another with pictures:)


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I just got my '07 used on 10/01/10, and even though the stock seat came with the bike, a Corbin was installed, and I've never changed it. I've only done about 200 miles at a time, but my butt and back were happy the whole time.

I don't know if I would have spent the money for the Corbin on my own, but by having it come on the bike, I've never looked back. I'm not going to get any serious ride time in again until next spring, so I don't know if this helps you, but theres my :2cents:.

(Hey, why do I put in my 2 cents, but I only get a penny for my thoughts? Sounds like a government deal to me!)


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WV to chicago via the scenic route.. ~725 miles in one day.. ~16+ hours riding, not sure how many of them were in the saddle... a good portion i'm sure.... Done on corbin seat. Doubt i'd survive it on a stock one.


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