Missing forum member lucky to be alive.


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Hi all, just recieved an email from forum member Lonewolf. I haven't been able to get in touch with him since late last year. Turns out he was in a pretty serious accident. Here is a copy of some of his email-

Seems I had a very nasty motorcycle accident on the 27th of December. So I'm still in hospital in rehab. but due to be set free on the 23rd of April. Not my idea of a four month holiday spent in Epworth Hospital.

As I was in a coma for 2 weeks I fortunately have no memory of what happened. My incident occurred on the road between Eildon and Jamieson - 60 km's of twisty bike road. Told it was a head on but I do not believe that because I survived and my FZ is repairable. The Holden Commador was written off and I came off worse than my bike. Must have cushioned it on impact!!!

I was allowed to start walking again about a week ago - the rest of the time I was in a wheel chair and had a neck brace on for 3 months. Once my broken pelvis and lower back had healed for that time I could finally try and walk again. So by day two, much to their surprise, I was walking really well. But a lot of mending still to do - exercise really hurts getting all those muscles working again.

Injuries as follows - very broken pelvis and lower back (now held together with metal and bolts), broken ribs on my right x10 - six now in metal, both shoulders broken, neck bones broken, right arm very broken, collapsed lungs, bruised heart and a head injury (thank you helmet!!). So quite a mess but I have no memory of that day and many others as repairs were done . I was in a coma for at least 12 days.

No idea what happened and I will look into all that after I'm fully released. I've been allowed home this weekend for the first time since my accident. I'm told it was touch and go for me for days after airlifted to the Alfred. Currently in Epworth Hospital doing lots of rehab and all is going well. They are extremely detailed with rehab. and I am amazed at what can be put back together.

I've mended very well and will walk fine. Many aches and pains still but all going well. A few things will never be the same again but compared to others I have seen, I won't complain. The worst appear to be head injuries from car accidents.

Despite all this, I intend on repairing the FZ and will continue to ride once I feel mended enough.

-With Lonewolf's positive attitude Im sure he will be back on the FZ in no time.I wish him all the best for his recovery.


Wow, so sorry to hear about that. I'm glad though, that he is alive and looks like will be making a recovery. Please pass along our sentiments to him on our behalf.:tup:


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Wow, never pleasant to hear those kind of news. I'm very happy that he will get out of this in one piece. I wish him speedy recovery...


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wow please wish him a fast recovery glad hes still alive and hasnt lost his taste for riding after all that godspeed


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wow what a lucky guy to come out on the right side of that. hope all menzed soon with him and hes at 100%.


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wow, that is scary stuff. Send him our thoughts. Glad to hear he is alive and moving in the right direction.


Very happy to know he is alive and also very sorry to hear about this crash! I pray he heals fast and with as few side effects as possible.

For those who don't remember him, here's a photo from his gallery:



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so sorry to hear of Lonewolf's unfortune. Wish him a speedy recovery and looking forward to see/read again his stories on the forum...


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Holy crap! So sorry to hear he's been MIA for so long!! Glad to hear he is recovering.
Hope you heal up well Lonewolf!


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Hi all......many thanks for the kind words. Unexpected to see my email to Fangn in print but very thankful. Yes, I was very damaged and surprised I survived. I have been allowed home for the weekend for the second time in almost four months and I'm due for "parole" this Tuesday. All is mending very, very well and an almost full recovery should follow. I intend to keep riding but probably not for a few more months - the FZ needs repair and winter is coming. I used to grizzle when it was rego renewal time because of the high cost. Not any more. The level of human repair and after care here in Victoria is amazing!! I had totally detailed care in every respect and am so pleased with the public service and the TAC here in Victoria. I have one last hospital stop in June to remove a pair of rather large bolts that are holding my spine to my pelvis - then just healing and getting back to normal.
On a lighter note, last year I bought a second bike - a Yamaha YZ450F. I've had a ball on this beast in the dirt and it's in mint condition. I set it up with recreational reg. ( also TAC covered) and I'll probably ride this before the FZ.
Here's a pic of the YZ. ( better than a pic of my damaged FZ1N !!) Cheers.