Motorcycle riding and hearing loss


I bought a box of 200 Laser Lite earplugs at my local tool & supply store for something like $25. They've lasted me a couple years already and I can't see the bottom of the box yet :)

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ive bought the 33db rated foam disposable from walmart, packs of 20 for cheap, works well. started riding with plugs years ago after reading similar articles, if i'm riding more than 5 minutes, i always wear ear plugs now, makes a huge difference and i'm hoping damage done from prior years riding will be minimal when i'm older


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Every time I go onsite for work I fill my pockets with earplugs. I also have a friend who has boxes of ear plugs on his work truck who tops me up if need be. I don't use them commuting around town (I like to be able to hear the cars around me) but on rides out of town I always put them in, especially on the Naked FZ1.


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Ive always just listen to music as I ride. Or you can just use those ear bud headphones but not listen to anything


I bought a box of 200 Laser Lite earplugs at my local tool & supply store for something like $25. They've lasted me a couple years already and I can't see the bottom of the box yet :)
Another vote for Laster Lites. Ear canals vary in depth and girth.. you may need to try a bunch to find the ones that work best for you. Laster Lites are super soft and expand quite a bit. I've used some not-so-soft plugs before which caused pretty bad ear pain on longer rides.

I got my Laster Lites from Amazon.. something like $20 for 100 count


there is more to ear plugs than just a plug, look at the db rating first. as some plugs are just trash. first stop is a contractors supply house. can buy in bulk (box of 1000) at a low cost point for good plugs.
not e-bay, or amazon. avoid those two places.
believe me price point is not want you want, as how much is your hearing worth? at 62 i have some loss, but worse is the constant ringing in the ear, from driving a rig. and having a freezer unit 3 feet behind me for years, even through thin walls, has destroyed some nerves deep in my ears.

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There is a lot of garbage on ebay and amazon, but not all of it is garbage.

In my years of safety / hazard analysis engineering, we pretty much always used the Howard Leight plugs. The Howard Leight Max plugs are rated at NRR 34, and they killed all the wind noise in the helmet for me, but I couldn't even use the phone on the headset with the volume all the way up. Forget listening to music.

I started using the Howard Leight Laser Lights about 15 years ago. Box of 200 pairs for $22 on Amazon. NRR 33. I've tried others along the way that made great claims, but the Laser Lights are my go-to. The wind noise is essentially gone, I can answer phone calls on the Sena 20S, and I can even listen to tunes on the headset (with the volume at max). However, I can still hear sirens, horns, and even cars around me. The plugs seem to allow enough in so you can hear what is around you, but not the bad, hearing damaging sounds.. I can wear these all day as well. They seat well and don't work their way out like many others do. They are the best I can find, and don't break the bank.

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Man, I tried using the foam plugs on more than a few occasions but just couldn't get them to feel right. These - - aren't nearly as good at dB reduction (25 vs. 34) but I've maintained my "slightly better than average" hearing with 'em!