ms. Fuzz is battered!

Ashamed to say.. . . from this

to this :shame:

Brief details here

Oh yeah, 2800km into the front BT016 Pro and it still had probably another @2000km in it if it could keep its cool. Wore better than the standard 016, especially around the compound shift. Nice tyre in the wet, dry, cold or warm. This debacle was rider failure not the tyre!


Too bad about the Fazer...:( Glad to hear you came out of it ok. Better to sacrifice the bike than one's body ;)


Nice to have you here typing about it! Sorry it happened. You already know you were not up to the ride but thankfully, you dressed for the crash and not the ride!

See about rebuilding... great time for the R1 front end and the N kit! :D

Heal fast and please don't go out fatigued again!


Gonna miss your butt kick pictures in BOTM for a few months......but hey it gives the rest of us a chance :sinister:

I hope you know I'm just kidding.......I'm very happy you weren't hurt bad.....gonna guess you did get checked out by a Dr????

Brock Kickass

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Drag... Glad to hear the most important part will make it. Hopefully you can get her put back together and put this behind you.


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Like everybody sayed, the most important thing is that you have managed to come out of it in one piece.
It's a pity for the bike, but you'll have time to rebuild it.....


Sorry to hear about the off! Any details you can share about it? Anything for the rest of us to learn from it?


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Bummer for sure, Glad you are OK. Sounds like like you have a project putting her back together, I am sure it will come out great.


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Sorry to hear about the accident. Very glad to hear there are no broken bones. Hopefully Ms Fuzz will make a comeback soon!