New guy here 2005 FZ1


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Hey guys,

I just joined, it looks like the other FZ1 forum went down, so I figured ill join here and see if its a good vibe here as well.

Im 24, living in NYC and just riding everything I can get my hands on.

I went out to buy an FZ6 for my buddy who was just getting into bikes. Deal fell through as the seller was kinda sketchy and being a ****. 20 minutes of facebook market later, I was on my way to see a "Yamaha FZ" which I didn't realize was actually an FZ1. Figured **** it, we got the money, lets take a look at it. 30 minutes later, I sold my SV650 to my buddy, and bought the FZ1 for myself.

Bought it with leaking fork seals, 12 year old tires and pads completely shot due to oil being on them from the forks. After a nice fork rebuild and a good fluid flush its running like a dream.


Me on the former SV at the track. Now to prep the FZ and take it there too




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It came with a round headlight with the ugly turn signals. I replaced it with an integrated headlight. I don't like the ugly stalks on the sides.

Also just solved a misfiring issue at 10k rpm. Apparently had a bad plug. CR9EK plugs work quite well on the 1st gen FZ1