Parting out 03 FZ1


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Multipass hasn't posted since Mar 2023. Yamaha is selling new fairings again for $194. You need to go to your year in the fishe and see if it's available painted. Partzilla ships free on orders over $150. Partshark charges about $30, but no state sales tax.

Is this the silver color designation UR S3?

Doesn't look like Yamaha has Silver tails, blue tails are $435 ouch.
Yeah i saw he wasnt on for a long time, was hoping the email notification still worked with him.

THANK YOU for mentioning it, while i was on partshark i noticed the decals were available. I messaged partzilla for silver parts numbers for the cowl and decals, i'll relay what i found. I was soo close to buying a cf cowl for 500 bucks next month, $195 sounds much better.


Glad it could work for you. Yamaha had quit making them for a few years. Those tail prices just don't make sense to me. Just as much plastic in a fairing as a tail and the tail is smaller to ship. On my black Gen 1, I prefer no decals.


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Partzilla said s3 for the color code. I think im going to buy the blue ones and take them and my bike to a vinyl shop and have them make the color change. I'll get 2 or 3 sets made if its reasonable and send one set to image works so they have something to work off. I love the look of liquid silver 05's, with the big decals.