Penrite 10Tenths race coolant (red) - Has anyone tried it?


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It seems to have turned into a ghost town around here (bloody shame) but i'll give this a go anyway....

I was thinking of giving the Penrite 10tenths race coolant (red) a go.
Its a concerntrate that you mix at the rate of 50-100ml per litre (makes 10 to 20 litres per bottle).
Its a glyco free mix so no silicates etc.
It gets some good raves in auto parts store reviews.
Has anyone tried this stuff in their bike and what were the results?
Thanks in advance, cheers


I've been running engine ice in about 5 bikes now for the past 20 yrs w/ no issues.
and your right this forum is def not The ZRXOA. You can find everything there and 99% of the time someone will chime w/ experience. I'm kinda let down here


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Ended up going with the Penrite OEM Blue.
The 10tenths doesnt contain any form of anti-freeze,and it gets below zero here in Winter sometimes (along the Murray).
The Blue has all the goodies and none of the harsh stuff so we'll see how it goes.
Every Penrite product i have used has been very good quality...they definately give the overseas brands a run for their money.
While im at it, the FZ1 LOVES Penrite's 100% poa ester synthetic engine oil too.
Silky smooth gear changes and a quieter,smoother engine.
True Aussie Enginuity ;) :cool: and family owned too.
Please Note - I am not in any way,shape or form associated with the Penrite company...i just like using their stuff LOL.


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Just a little follow up...
The Penrite OEM Blue is impressive stuff.
My engine's running a couple of degrees cooler on the Freeway and the temp is a lot more stable around town.
So....all in all,a bloody good product.
And it's Blue!