Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail light


I recently purchased and installed a pair of Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail lights.

These are OEM replacements for 7443 bulbs and are not touted as bigger or brighter but have a 12 year life guarantee, consume less power and offer the 'instant on' of LED lights. I was curious about these so I decided to order a pair and give them a try. It just so happened that one of my brake lights burnt out the day I received them!

So there's not much to say -- they are just bulbs after all. However, my observations are this:

- The instant-on aspect of the brake lights is quite a bit more dramatic than I expected. It's amazing how much 'delay' there is with an incandescent bulb. I think it functions well as an attention grabber.
- I feel that the running light aspect is maybe a little bit dimmer than the incandescent but the brake lights are as bright or brighter
- The LEDs are red and shine through a red lens which I feel produces a more intense colour. I guess redder is better? :)

Here's some photos of the bulbs in action. I didn't snap any of the incandescent bulbs as a comparison. Doh! These are all shot with the same f/stop, ISO and exposure time for an equal comparison.

Running lights from a distance

Running lights close up

Brake lights close up

I like 'em and would probably buy them again if I ever had to. It's nice to see some quality, well engineered LED products coming out on the market now.