Plug replacement without removing everything?


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If I recall correctly I had to pull my radiator off to get my plugs changed last time I did it.

It is time again and I am considering just having the shop do it cause I recall it being a pain..... am I remembering this correctly?

I just did the plugs on my V-Star and it was a 10 min job.....

John Todd

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you don't have to remove the radiator. It is a little tough to pull the leads off, but just get the right combination of spark plug socket, extension and ratchet and it is a 30 minute job. Use a piece of 3/8" fuel hose instead of the socket and ratchet to unscrew and screw the plugs (other than initial loosening and final tightening). I have had my plugs in and out a few time lately as I'm watching their colour on account of trying to figure out my fuelling