Power Commander Map Questions


After installing and calibrating, the bike runs fine with the stock map so I am confident the install went without fail.

Mods affecting this as follows:
  • LARS Airbox
  • K&N Air Filter
  • AIS removed and plates blocked
  • Modded sub-throttle plates
  • Gutted CAT
  • O2 sensor deavtivated and eliminator plug installed
  • Two Brothers Slip-on with P4 tip installed

Now for the maps!

First map was the HFD1 Stage III without FCE, also known as the Nixon map long ago. After firing up the bike, it took me all of 30 seconds to kill the engine and remove this map. Did you ever think that your inline 4 cyl could sound like an HD big v-twin? Well, that is what this map did for my bike! It ran VERY rough and would barely idle plus throttle-up was very unresponsive. I did try to resend this map but the results were the same. My bike does not like this map at all.

Second was the whittlebeast smoothed Stage III map converted from PC III to V. The bike fired up and purred. On the center stand, the bike was smooth both on and off throttle. Hard decel provided NIL popping where the stock bike still popped a fair amount. I decided this would be the maiden voyage map.

Today the rain FINALLY let up and the commute was on. Just my luck, the path I chose to work? Stuck behind police both on the 1st short highway run AND the back road I favor for the trip! As far as low speeds (I ran low gear/high RPM and high gear/low RPM) the bike ran very smooth both on and off throttle. I did get one last blast after getting rid of the police car (his city limit came up! ;) ) and got to open it up in 1st and 2nd. Wow.... WOW! What a rush! This was impressive enough to call my baseline map. I'll try some others over the next few weeks but Andy's Stage III converted smooth is butt-dyno approved.

I'd ALSO like to add that this is WITH the SpeedoDRD installed and using the PapaGeno recommended -05.2% correction. I had ZERO fluctuation in any RPM/gear combo. Thanks Papa!!


It may be time for a Dyno and personalized map. Still running as a top performer but I'm lucky to see 100 miles on the ODO before the low fuel blinking begins. She may be running fine but she is CHEWING through the fuel. ;) Or I am just having too much FUN with the throttle? :eek5: : oops:


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If I load a map that was created in the US (with 93oct fuell?), will my altitude (I live in Europe, Belgium) and 98oct fuell need a different map?

I'm guessing so since air pressure here is prolly different ...


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what map would you guys reccommend for my 07 that just has a k&n filter and a yoshimura trc slip on? thanks in advance


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What is the best map PCIII for the following setup: Ivan ECU, Yoshi full system, graves velocity stacks, lars air box, bmc filter, and modified flies. I currently am running one of Ivan's maps. Open to any and all suggestions.


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I just installed a PCV and loaded a stage 3 map on it. I found it not running to well so I loaded a stage 2 map on it. How can I see if both maps are on the pc and which one is selected ?


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Hi folks.
I need a map for my FZ1 2006
I have a power commander v. I have a Coffmans shorty slip on, K&N air filter and gutted cat. Any help appreciated since the Dynojet map is useless.


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Ive decided to sell the POWER COMMANDER V if anyones interested. Its been on the bike for about 3000 miles. Works fine but I don't need it. $180 + $20 shipping. USA only. Oliver. text 9039483986 for info.


With your exhaust and intake mods. You DO need it. Unless you got a tune flashed into your ecu.

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