Question on After Market Dust Cover


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I have purchased a set of H4 LED Headlight bulbs. They are pure bright white and look great. Only problem I have is the fan that is attached to the bulb makes it to where you can not twist lock the bulb into place due to the Rubber Dust Cover. Anyone have experience in this area? I have found multiple aftermarket dust covers on Ebay and Amazon. Just unsure which to purchase. Thanks.


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You just cut your rubber grommet out to fit over the fan. Cut it a little small so it's still a little tight

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I haven't installed LED headlights, I went the Arctic White Narva option myself.

but a quick search revealed these threads which may hold your answer.

I haven't read them through, so if they don't, someone with more experience in LED headlights may also be able to chime in.
These two links are broken. Anyone have any additional info on this?