R1 Shock for Sale. SOLD.

Mac fz1n

Hi all,
I have a 2015 R1 shock with 1000k's on it for sale.

I weigh too much for it. (I'm 100kg + gear)
I was going to change spring and maybe re-valve, but have been advised I'd probably spend more trying to get it right as I would on a new aftermarket...

The shock bolts in, no mods to bike required.
I installed it, then sat on bike, I use about half the stroke just sitting on it.
My mate with the same setup (who I was trying to copy) is in the 75-80kg range and it works great for him.

Cost me $160 (+postage from USA)
I'd like to get my $160 back, but willing to consider offers.

Anyone interested?

I'm now looking at Nitron R2, YSS MA456 or Wilbers 641.
Anyone got experience with these?

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