renthal bars with old bar weights


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anyone tap ( tap and die) 16mm 1.5 the aftermarket renthal bars so they have threads so I can screw the factory handle bar weights ?


Can someone post a link to these bars please?

You can also buy a threaded coupling, and carefully grind or sand the corners and tap it into the bar end.
A lot of the guys on the ZRX forum have done this
I already had steel braided brake lines. Had to lift the tank and move the clutch cable to create slack. Also, these bars are wider than stock. If you want your hand controls, grips in the same or general location, you will need to cut about 1/4” off both ends. (I did not do this) Inlove the wide bars as is. Hope this helps.


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all done , success , tapping the bars was tough , metal was getting so hot it burned me. stock cables, works like a charm! Renthal 758 $70 , $14 bar end mirrors , new horn , new grips.