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Hi guys,

I get this every time I try to access the site. I have to go back to google the website and come in that way. It's frustrating and putting me off visiting. is this some new security feature, or a hack? I'vre tried on multiple computers and different browsers with the same result. I've also noticed it has slowed the site down a hell of a lot. i.e. minutes to load pages. I clicked on the manage attachments button before I started typing, and it still hasn't fully populated so that I can upload a picture. and now I have given up trying to load the picture.

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scan your computer for malware/spyware/other unwanted crap that tends to install itself without notice, take a look at addons and plugins in your browser


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The only time I had such a problem, was when my computer was full of malware and malicious content. I didn't know that until I scanned it and found out that this is causing this issue.


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I have never had this problem, but I know that my friend told me that he struggled with something similar. Honestly, I don't know what he did to solve it, but I know that he fixed it. I run a free registry cleaner every month or so to keep my computer optimized and away from all the malware, and I think that this is very important. My computer is more than ten years old and it's still in good condition and working properly. A quick scan of the computer always fixes the errors, so consider that.