Saying HI


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Joined to sell an dealer take off exhaust. 2007 FZ1

I'm a mod on another forum, do know some have limits for min posts. Hope
I'm on tiger1050 dot com Long history with that site, purchased several take off exhausts being one who bought paid dearly for NOS parts to restore a bike thought I would offer here.
That is if anyone wants a quiet bike. If not allowed, or everyone prefers loud pipes (I'm in that club) will post on eBay.

I'm clearing out the garage, health reasons and why let it go to waste.

Best wishes all, do a track day. Sport Track time is a fantastic midwest group along with WERA. If you haven't done one, you really don't know what your missing.
Mary and her sisters vs the real thing.

Will wait for a reply, flame or move along. Cheers Mark.


Well if you’re a mod on another forum then you should know that this type of post is pretty much frowned upon for various reasons and considered bad etiquette…

That being said, this forum is dead now anyways so you may as well post details about the exhaust. Is it the full system, or just the muffler? Where are you located? What are you looking to get for it? I’m not interested, but someone else may be…


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Thanks for the heads up on the forum activity. Yes on forum, but till now a competing forum. Sorry for the crossing the line.
The cans are take off's like I mentioned. From the looks the engine never ran on these can's. They took the new ones off and put the in the Aftermarket box.

Best wishes, hope 2022 beats the last two. Track days rock.



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Thank you for your kind words, the hardest part has been no longer riding the track. I attached the part numbers, when I did a search thought it fit the FZ. If they also work on the FZ and anyone needs them yell.
The wife would toss them out not knowing if wanted are a nice find. I will try the R1 forum and leave my Triumph group out.. Most of us have had dozens of bikes, many never have one more than 2 years.

Peace out, will meet you all in God's country were the curves never end.