Show us your fz.


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Thanks Blanchy - just seen yours on the other thread and it looks amazing - love the seat and mirrors especially in fact the whole front end is great. Thats definiteley one of the things I want to change on mine - here comes the overtime!!


I just did tail tidy . De cat, end can and single headlight conversion . To be honest it's all the bike needs. It's running like a Swiss watch

Manx FZ1

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Mine's had the tail tidy done by a previous owner. I've got a K&N filter, radiator guard and crash bungs to fit (just in case!)FZ1 26 Sept 2020 - Hailwood.jpg
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Bought this 2006 last summer. It always felt a bit tame compared to my old TL1000R. Got the ecu flashed yesterday and couldn't be happier. All gear restrictions removed, fuel cut deleted and its turned more into the beast I was hoping it would be.