Suspension, Center stand, Exhaust & A Budget


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I started looking into getting rid of the dead weight of an anchor that Yamaha called an exhaust and took it off. Now I have to replace it with something that is less weight, looks good, sounds good, and fits a small budget. I want to keep my center stand, well because it is handy. There are no options for a slip on that sounds good ,utilizes the center stand, is short and fits a small budget that I have found. Call me picky.

I am in the process of improving the suspension. I spent most of my budget and bought a Satan666 r1 Adapter and a 08 r1 shock and don't have much to spend on a Silencer.

I did some measurements, the center stand to the dogbone is 16.75mm with the stock exhaust. Bump stop measures 15.75mm. If I drill a hole and put the bumb stop in the center stand, what will the adverse effects be to the suspension if the center stand bump stop is resting or pushing against the dogbone?

Let me try to clarify
If the bump stop is moved to this spot, will I feel it or...........?
How much does the dogbone move? Would the bump stop cause a problem?


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Not sure if you ever got an answer. But it appears that some companies make a Center stand stop that bolts to the Center stand mounting bolts on the drive side of the bike. I have one that came with my Leo Vince exhaust. But akrapovic makes one.


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yoshi slip on or mivv are $400 brand new and fit with center stand. Not going to find much cheaper than that new. There was a used two bros slip on here for a while for $150.