The gearing thread

I'm currently running 16/47 530. Between the gearing, Ivan's tuning, and the rest of the usual mods, the FZ feels like a hooligan, "responsive" to say the least. I absolutely love it for commuting to work and local play time on some favorite twisties. If I were to ever head to Sturgis or other long arse road trip, I'd probably throw some taller gears on there to calm things down a little at elevated long range cruise speed. Your results may vary. Peace!

Edit: I do have a speedohealer so can easily adjust for different gearing setups. Highly recommended!
Hello, currently stock with 17/45. I am thinking about changing to 16/45 to shorten up first gear and get a bit more shifting into my commute. Would anyone be able to comment on change in fuel range on highway with shorter gearing? I mostly commute but when I do trips gas stations aren't always that close together.
Just for reference I tried to install a 47 t rear with a 17 front and the stock chain doesn’t work. The only way it would work is if you took the adjustment bolt stop nut off the brake side of the bike. The chain side is bottomed out with the adjuster nut and stop nut. No I didn’t do that. Instead I just installed the stock 45 and -1 16 on the front. I have run 17/43 ,17/45 , 16/45 and 16/47.
For me out of all of them the 16/45 is the best in between gearing for hyw and back road twisties. JMO YMMV