Track Day Tires


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Use this section for discussion about tires for track use as well as what type of tires work in different track conditions.


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no prob's , i dont do track days . but if i did , i'd most likely get me a set of Michelin Pilot Power Race hoops ..


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Pilot power 2cts or Pirelli DCIII's are nice (will run a fast intermediate pace) and dont need warmers. If you've got the $$ and warmers then super corsa pros or pilot races.
Track Day Tyres

Metzeler Racetec (road leagal race tyre) I run a K2 on the rear and a K0 on the front,they are dry tyres, they stick like crap to a blanket, warm up real fast and have sooooo much grip the only down side is I only get 800 to 1000 km pre set but hey I'm still alive and I call them cheap insurance!;)


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We now carry the BT-003RS tires. These are great track tires. We also have the full blown 003 DOT race rubber and slicks!


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I use dunlop qualifer RR s on my trackbike:sport12: they stick like s**t and a rear lasts 3 trackdays and the fronts last 5 have tried bridgestones and didn't like them let go with no warning also tried 2cts stuck well but slowed the steering down (i found harder to change direction)


Metzeler Racetec K3

Metzeler Racetec K3, stick like sh*t & no funny business. They last not to bad on the road, i will keep with the K3 but will go for the interacts next as they are the next generation K3 available. On track 30 front & 32 rear on the road 34 front & 38/39 rear.


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dunlop 211's exellent grip and crazy lean angles for a zx12r - downside rears last 3k if i'm lucky :p
You got 3000 miles out of race compound D211? I only got 1900 miles out of 211's and these were on a FZ1. And I was easy with the launches and tried to stay on the sides as much as I could riding on the street. My friend sold me these after running one full race day on them. He wrapped up his first championship in Open Production. He probably took a few hundred miles off them wrapping up the championship that day. D211's are the best,but need a lot of warming up on the street. I did manage to scrub off most of his cold tearing and cleaned them up pretty good. He sold them to me for $150.00 mounted & balanced on the bike...good deal, but I need to get the Q2's again...they lasted 5000 miles and stuck almost as good.

Mike, AFM#674