Why did internet forums die?


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I started riding sportbikes in the 90's. In 2014 I loved from Texas to NC and when I moved I sold my bikes and got out of the scene. I got the itch again this year and a few days ago bought a '03 FZ1. So I started looking at the old forums I used to post on like sportbikes.net. That one, this one and all the others are completely dead. There's another FZ1 forum and it looks like they aren't even allowing new members. Nobody has even posted in this section since last year. What happened to internet forums, it there some kind of other outlet? Please don't say facebook, I refuse to support that.

jared p

Well you asked but the answer is facebook and google and ignorance and ego. Yamahafz1oa is another forum. However it's a dead model bike, that typically kills forums, nothing new is happening so it degrades to oil and tire threads and people get bored and move on.