Yamaha FZS1000 2002 - 2nd gear "hiccup"


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I have FZS1000 2002. Currently experiencing, let's say, a "hiccup" while I'm hard on the thorttle in the second gear. I have a feeling that something is slipped in one moment. This is happening only in second gear on hard acceleration, on about 5,5k rpm... It doesnt stall, or continues to do that. In only happends in that particular moment. It doesn't occur in other gears. Bike runs smooth, powerful, noise is perfectly normal. Did anyone experienced the same thing? I'm about to replace chaing and sprockets, since they are on the end of life... I changed the sparkplugs, cleaned air filter and done oil change. Any idea or info are welcome.

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sorry, I have never experienced that and I have personally put on nearly 100k miles on my Gen 1.


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During this does the rpm jump a lil? If so that be your clutch slipping and it would make sense 2nd gear normally pulls pretty hard.


So it doesn't completely pop out of gear. That would be good if it doesn't. If it's slipping out of second and needs to be shifted back into gear that wouldn't be good.
The chain can slip over the front sprocket if the teeth are really worn, I've felt that before.

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If it pops out of second gear, you have a transmission problem. A number of people think that lever on the left handlebar, is just a thing to use at a stop sign/traffic light.

So, is your situation, the bike popping out of second gear, or just slippage in second gear?



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He said hiccup. Most of us were around before oxygenated fuel, i was a tech and saw the havoc it caused. So i say change your fuel filter, even though this thread is over a year old.