Yoshimura Slip-on


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Hello all,

Stock vs. Yoshimura carbon fiber slip-on.

Patient: 2008 FZ1

I have a stock FZ1, I think the stock exhaust has a nice deep tone to it. Not too loud, and sounds decent for a stock pipe. For those Yoshimura users/riders what is the slip-on like compared to it? Is it overly loud? Does it enrich the riding experience? I ride with earplugs and I would enjoy a little bit more growl and definition to the commute/joy ride. I'm not a huge fan of ear piercing exhaust decibels. If you have any input, I would greatly appreciate it.




I’m getting the Yoshimura slip on this weekend. I’ll try and post my thoughts. Revzilla, and J&P were out of the carbon fiber options , so I went with the silver ones.