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I'm interested in the seat. Would you do 225 shipped to 30519 Buford ga?

Hey there ....I was born in NYC. My entire family is still in the general area ,
Just waiting for the warm days .
John in Colorado
Hello John, same here, waiting for the warmer weather. Yep, I was born and raised in the Bronx up until four years ago when I finally moved up to Westchester County. I should have done it 15 years sooner! I love riding up here. Less traffic, and less nutty drivers compared to the Bronx.
HI ya....I had to delete your pic from BOTM....rules state you can't play again for 2 months. Sorry
Time Time Time! Kinda slipped away.....I did send Admin the info to change the BOTM pic on home page. Hope He'll get to that soon.
Well, I see you've made another successful trip around the sun! Yippee!
Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!
Yes, we did! I spoke to Eric, but my buddy Jason had already started dealing with another sales associate there - I can't remember her name - so she wound up taking care of Will. He bought a jacket and seems to really like it.