02 FZ/R1 hybrid


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Should have taken build pics but all I have is a flip phone. Borrowed a camera for a couple of pics.

02 FZ1 with 03 R1 tailsection mounted on stock FZ1 subframe.

R1 tail fit pretty well all in all, had to shorten the sub frame a little, cut off the handrail brackets and then make new seat brackets and a tail light bracket. I was able to make all of this as bolt-ons and no welding was done whatsoever. Had to relocate cdi box which had enough length on the wiring harness to lay on top of a cushion and strap it neatly to the top of the battery. Had to cut the mounting ears off the cdi box. Other than that the inner fender had to be trimmed but a hot razor knife made short work of that. After all this, the tail section slid on like it was made to fit it.

Also had to round the corners off the front seat where it meets the tank, haven't re-stapled it yet but it fits very well as it shares the same kind of "tongue" upfront as the stock fz1 seat did. Slight gap between tank and seat in the middle but i don't really notice it. The R1 seat has a rounder profile than the FZ1 seat and the R1 seat doesn't ride up the tank as far as the stock seat did. You can barely see the bolt that holds the gas tank to its mount but like i said, you don't really notice it.

the front seat is bolted to a piece of 1/2x2x12 mild steel bar stock that I riveted across the subframe just behind the battery. Had to use the 1/2 mild steel so it would have enough "thread meat" to bolt the seat to but the height turned out all but perfect...easy. The top of the stock FZ1 fuse box sits flush with the top of the new seat bracket so it stayed in its stock location on the stock inner fender. The only electrical component that was relocated was the cdi box and it looks very happy strapped to the top of the battery.

The rear seat bracket is located maybe 2 inches back and 2 inches up from where the FZ one was so i bolted a flat piece of 1/4' aluminum plate (roughly 5"x4" or something) to the stock fz seat latch bracket using 1/2 bolts through holes that were already in it. I then bolted a new seat latch bracket to it that i made out of a...wait for it...................a drawer slide because it was the closest thing i could find to the stock bracket...looks almost identical to it. Under the new seat bracket, the bolts go through a couple of 2 or so inch spacers.

Needed a longer cable for the rear seat lock, got one off an R1 which was a little long but it worked. The "hooks" on the stock R1 rear seat fit under a stock crossbar on the FZ1 subframe like it was all made to the same dimensions. No cutting, no relocating, no welding.

After this, the taillight bracket was pretty straightforward although i went a little out of my way to bend up a nice little tag/turn signal bracket.

The tail section is revitted/zip-tied to the frame and the seats also do a good job of keeping it where it needs to be. Maybe not super ideal but it doesn't rattle, squeak or move around when I'm ridding it. Whats a streetfighter without a few zip-ties I mean really....

The side covers were cut out of a slighty rounded black trash can and zipped tied to the frame...as the trash can had a nice curve on it, it helped to fit around the fuel pump and wiring pretty well. We're on a budget here.

R1 gauges mounted on a bracket made of aluminum that bolts to the bottom of the ignition switch. Fortunately a friend had the special socket required to get the switch off the clamp and I had to replace the bolts with some slightly longer ones. The bracket was easy to make and the wiring wasn't too bad. The gauges are mounted low on the bike which is where I like them but there still easy to read.

Headlight off a Ducati Monster. Ebay score for 80 bucks. not as big as the gs1150 headlight but bigger than about everything else and its a quality unit. I made a couple of brackets out of aluminum, drilled/filed slots in them and mounted them with hose clamps. works good.

It already had the rear footpeg brackets/footpegs on it when I got it....CGS maybe? Did a search for them on the internet as I needed a footpeg and had no luck getting any info on them. The handle bars were on it too....

Full stainless carbon-fiber yosh and some kinda airbox mod and voltage regulator bracket installed by previous owner. It's been rejetted and runs strong!

The fork caps look like they've been off so I'm guessing it could have some progressive springs. The handlebars were already on it.

The bike was purchased wrecked out of a little shop in Orangeburg, SC. The guy said the bike was wrecked on the way to the beach and the owner sold it to him on the spot and continued his vacation. If this is ringing any bells, please let me know what has been done to it!
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That looks great. The wall of words--I'd be lying if I said I read all of them. But please tell me you're the kind of guy I can see just about any weekend at the Dragon or riding 28. I've got to study your tail :flash: in person.

IOW, where in nc are you so I can stalk you until I find out what I need to know? I'm harmless, really I am.


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Thanks for the compliments! While hard to read, the wall of words left by others has gotten me through many projects!

I was the service manager at the Yamaha dealer in Gastonia and the one in Rock Hill so you may know me if you live around Charlotte.

The bike is in Gastonia at my buddies shop. I won't be back down there for a week or so.

If the bike were titled, I'd offer to meet you somewhere. I bought it to flip so I don't won't to ride it too much or I'll get attached to it.
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you're right. I could have probably swapped over the entire r1 subframe in about the same time but it would have been way more expensive and would have required relocating electrical components which i like to shy away from if i can.


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you're right. I could have probably swapped over the entire r1 subframe in about the same time but it would have been way more expensive and would have required relocating electrical components which i like to shy away from if i can.
i no what u mean wire looms and me dont get on will give anything a go but not that:smokin2:


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if you were doing a complete subframe conversion, you would either have to do major alterations to the fz harness or swap to an r1 harness, which would have also needed some modifying i'd bet.

at ebay prices, i've got less than $200 bucks for the parts needed to do it the way i did but it would have cost 3 or 4 times that using all r1 parts. also, welding tabs onto the frame would mean touching up the paint and it was too nice to mess with all that.


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For some reason I can't see the pics. Any chance you can repost? I know it's a long time since, but I have an fz8, looking to do what you've described.