2009 FZ1 Grinding Noise At Low Speeds

Lazy Libran

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Hey All,

Just returned from a 1400 kms weekend trip with a few friends.

On the way back - noticed a strange grinding noise at low speeds. On idle, the engine sounds perfectly fine and high speeds is fine too. Gear changes are smooth too and when doing between 55 km/h - 70 km/h (Normal street riding) and in gears 3/4 - I can hear a strange grinding sound coming from the engine. And it seems to vibrate a little bit more than normal. We all know that the FZ1 does vibrate a bit more than other bikes but this one is doing it a bit more at these low speeds.

ODO is around 54000 KMS (or 34000 Miles) and was serviced at 50000 (As per the factory requirement).

Anyone seen/heard this or has any suggestions?