Engine Rotor - Why has Yamaha not issued a recall?


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I came across this:

And sure enough Yamaha updated the part silently since this is a serious problem.
Planning on swapping it in my 2013 soon, since even some 2015s have the old part...
Absolutely bonkers how this was swept under the rug.

I'd be less mad about it if the part failed and just prevented the bike from running until you swap the part. But nope! This can outright destroy your engine if it fails.

Anyone here have this part fail on you or have you already done this as preventative maintenance?


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Yamaha is not going to do anything about this issue unless forced to do so via a lawsuit. Many, including myself have replaced the rotor with the upgraded one as “preventative maintenance” others ride more and worry less. This subject has been discussed at great length on several forums and other social media platforms.


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I'm curious...Of all the guys on here who replaced there rotors, how many of them appeared fine? How many people have actually had them fail?


Replaced mine at 20,000km, looked like new, I know a couple of guys whose bikes have 60,000 and 120,000 still on the original rotors but there are many more whose have also failed, comes down to risk, if it does go pear shaped its got the potential to cost you


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here is just a random thought:
Can start an online petition and get fz1 owners signature. Then present the argument and signatures to Yamaha USA customer support to make a push.

I image the article states along the lines of:
"Yamaha has become aware a potential problem that could affect the durability of the Stator Rotor of certain 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Yamaha motorcycles equipped with R1 engines. We estimate that only a small percentage of motorcycles will actually develop a problem. Motorcycle affect may have stator rotor assembly damage. The affect motorcycles may experience vibrations or noise from the stator region."

to make an online petition:
contact page for yamaha:
USED BMW recall n54 high pressure fuel pump as blueprint for legal terminology and format. SIB 13 03 09


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What rotor is recommended to replace the factory. Best price and quality? Sure it's been covered someplace can't find it being a newbie.