Front suspension query


OK not the usual rear shock type query ...

Ive an 2010 FZ1,,,Im very light and only weight about 135Lb (62kg)
I have awful trouble with front end on poor road is all over the place and I have to slow way down just to keep control and keep it on the issues on better surfaces. Now Im talking just bad road surface, not huge holes/bumps ..
I'm hoping I can set up compression, rebound etc to help me out.

Any thoughts on setting up front? I tried going for really soft but that was worse...


jared p

You'll wanna just go to a suspension shop to get your "sag/rebound" set up. This will then tell you if your current hardware is proper for your weight or if you need to change springs out. It's usually $40 and takes about 10 minutes. Your mm suspension travel will vary but there's a range you wanna be in for street or track depending on how you ride.

You may also just have crap tires and need better ones. You may also just need some rider training in how to handle the bike.