Gen3 "Seat Concepts" report


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OK... Did this seat swap last year so the details are now a bit sketchy. I have a really good memory, it's just short. In a nutshell, I did not care for the stock FZ1 ('14) seat. It seemed I could ride for 100 miles, with little discomfort. Then the next stint was 75, then 50 then dang.... it still hurts after a short rest. I felt like the stock seat slid my "Bits" towards the tank, but in that position more of my body was in contact with the seat. Push back to give the nuts a break and I was just sitting on 2 points one on either butt cheek. I'm 6'1" 215lbs. Stock bars/pegs.

I was hoping the Seat Concepts would flatten the seat out so I wouldn't slide forward so easily, and also have more of my backside in contact with the seat to spread "the Load". The installation was fairly easy. I'd never done anything like this and had to buy a new stapler. It ended up looking fine. Picture at end of finished unit.

How did it work??? Well..... an improvement but not by any means a "Home Run". I have an FJR Gen 1. The seat was unbearable, the worst thing I ever sat on! I bought a Russell and it transformed the bike. ALL DAY COMFORT for both me and my wife. 2 trips to Alaska from Indiana with no sore fannies. This new Seat Concepts seat? It WAS an improvement. But I still have air under my "Bits" when I push back on the seat. The foam is harder and better so that is good. The seat is flatter so you don't slide forward so easily. If you are short in the leg it could be a problem as the point at the tank is wider and an inch higher than stock.

I took some before and after pictures of the old/new foam without the covers. White foam is Seat Concepts. And I took some dimensions. Stung a string from front to back (top triple to tail section), marked it off and measured both setups. Hopefully you can see the string in the photos.
The first dimensions at the tank side First black dot on the string SC 6.5" Stock 7.5"
2nd dimension SC 6.625" Stock 7.25"
3rd SC 6.75" Stock 7"
4th SC 6.75" Stock 6.5"
5th SC 6.5" Stock 6"
6th SC 5.75" Stock 5.75"

Don't know if this helps you in your seat upgrade decisions.
Be safe, but don't be careful!

.Seat Conc.JPG Stock Foam.JPGfinsished Seat Conc.JPG