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I just thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself give you a little history. I'm 54 years old I've been riding motorcycles majority in my life my first car was a motorcycle a 1972 H2 750 yep that was my first bike. I rode raced a little bit in the AMA CCS series when I was much younger which was loads of fun I wish I would have continued doing it. I've got would I feel or solid mechanic abilities I'm not a Master mechanic but I can make my way around a bike pretty well and have done so for work and just recently acquired a new position at a motorcycle shop. Divorced a bunch of kids one mistake I made when I was married this is after all you guys married out their newly married don't ever give up your passion which for me is motorcycles I love motorcycles more than any other hobbies or sports or anyting it's my passion for sure don't give that up when you get married it's not a good idea. Oh what's the easiest way to ask a question about a problem that you're having with your bike is it on a thread here like when I'm doing now or is it somewhere else. I'm website challenged a bit. Look forward to talking to people out there with the same type of awesome bike that we all have.
Nice, I have a 2009 FZ1, bought it in May 21. Had 3300mi. when I got it.
I did 16 tooth front (1rst gen OEM), 45 rear (stock). Vcyclenut flash and AIS blockoff. New iridium plugs and OEM coils while I was in there.
My Harleys didn't get much love this year.