New guy with mint '03 Kenny Roberts edition


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Hey everyone! To make it short, after riding sportbikes since the 90's and being 52 I decided to get away from them and get a "naked" bike. I liked the first gen FZ1 since it came out and finally found THE one. A 60 year old guy bought it a year ago at a dealership and because of health problems let it go. I got it for only $3300, it has 15K miles on it but looks like it has 500. There are virtually no flaws or signs of wear on anything. Under the seat looks new, even the tool kit. None of the black is faded, even the plastic starter/light switches look new. You can eat off the engine. The brake fluid reservoir looks new, everything looks new. Bone stock except for the Yosh and I have the factory pipe as well.

The pictures are from the dealer he bought it from last year, it's still on their website.


6000000002 (1).jpg