"Why We Ride" Review


So at the last minute they pulled the screening from the theater up in Westchester. I was all set to go up after work and check it out. Very pissed off about that especially suffering from Cabin Fever for over 2 months now! So I went home and ordered the HD Download and watched it on the PC. While I wasn't as immersed into the experience than I would have been in the theater, the movie, I felt was very well done. Cinematically, it was really good. Very good historical aspect of cycling, and lots of great snapshots thrown in of days of old. The hour and a half went by pretty quickly, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a great movie to watch while we're waiting for riding season to arrive, and for $12.99 for the HD Download from Amazon, you get your money's worth. Of course popcorn and sodas are extra! Still a better bargain than today's movie prices!


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Its a great movie, I loved it. I did get the opportunity to watch it in a theatre here locally and I purchased the DVD before it was released on iTunes.


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I bought the DVD. It's a really well done film.

I like independent movies in general.

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