WTB a new life on any fz1


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hello my name is wesley i once had a 01 fz1 but totaled it in an accident i have many disabilities (heart,lung,and bones) thats not approved by the state that prevents me from having gainfull employment i have decided that while i am able i would like to spend what time i can crossing the states on a bike if you have any capable running fz1 (prefer 01 w/full fairing (memory lane) but looks dont matter) i currently have 1000 cash and a small 2000 ford car that requires trans. work and a 4x15"" subwoofer 101 disk cd home stereo system that im trying to sell or trade for a bike and a tent (that will be my new home) if you have anything that you would sell or trade anywhere near mississippi please let me know i have everything up for sale so available cash will go up as my stuff gets sold looking for $1000-2500 price range (as thats all i can possibly afford) you can contact me here or at [email protected] thankyou for your time help effort and support


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Good luck finding a bike Wesley and I wish you well on your new adventure.

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