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    Hey there, I'm a fellow NH FZ1 Rider. Just purchased a '15. I see your main pic a lot in the post logs and am really interested in learning more about your seat on that cobalt '13. How comfy is she and would the designer be interested in another customer?
    Thanks for your time!
    Snow on the ground from Monday night's storm but tomorrow, sunny & 46! They say another storm should roll in late tomorrow night though...fingers crossed!
    Y'all have a good one & a Happy & Safe 2015
    Ha-Ha! You are partially to blame! Kept seeing your gorgeous bikes on the six forum, lol. You did a great job on both. Just read your thread on the purple one. It is going well, thx. Everything ok for you?
    WOW Congrats on the new "title" Eric! I always knew you'd be running the joint soon enough ;)
    hi there mate,can u tell me if u r still on ur top sadderly seat and if u r how is it performing,i have just bought a gel seat and not very impressed so lookin 2 get a top sadderly but 260 pounds plus postage is a bit steep without any info..thanx doogsboy.
    question for ya Eric....why does this forum not allow me to do things I can on the FZ6 side? Some pictures and avatars files say they are too big and it won't allow, but I can post them over on the 6 side...???
    just curious......
    thanks buddy! i'm still recovering from last night. the only bad thing about my birthday is that the bruins lost. other than that, i couldn't hae asked for a better day!
    Is that in August? If so, I cannot go. One of my best friends is getting married that weekend on Saturday but I'd be able to ride out 1st thing Sunday AM and possibly meet up in Conway?
    Broussos, some of his friends Papageno and I will head north from Mass. early on the 28th. We will stay the night at a cabin that Broussos has in Maine on Sunday everyone is heading home. I'am going to take a week to find my way back and have no plan. I would love to Ride around Conway, I've only rock climbed there. I can try to adjust my location by your schedule but don't want you to have to force time.
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