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  • Woke up today with some ugly clouds out there....I hope you all have a safe & dry ride home!
    Figured you're busy with all the activities going on and I'm sorry we couldn't coordinate schedules while you were here. But I'm willing to guess, you're gonna like it here and will be back, so hopefully then?
    Have a great time!
    Paul, the weather guessers say that Friday is our "least" chance of rain.....probably your best day to go up Pikes Peak.
    I'll let ya know about Friday morning I said, not sure what time Doug (onesizefitsall) will be hitting the road in the morning, so I'll keep ya posted!
    Let's see....maybe Friday, not sure what time Doug will be rolling out....
    or Sat. morning? What time is the ceremony on Sat?
    Hi says it's Saturday the 20th? What day will y'all be heading up? Another forum member is passing thru on Thursday,then going up to Denver on Saturday to say howdy to another! Let me know your dates and I'll defiantly try to at least meet for a coffee!
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