Forum Meetup -- July 25th & 26th, 2015


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Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound, and didn't totally melt away.

Appears you made pretty good time. What time did you leave on Sunday?

My bike showed 100 degrees in Canon City but it was only for about 15 minutes before it started slowly dropping to 88 degrees over the next 50 miles as we climbed to Colorado Springs. Based on how 100 felt, I'm not sure I could continue in 115 degree heat.

Dustin - thanks! Best of luck for the remainder of your trip! It was great to meet and ride with you - had a blast!!

J_Slyter - I left right @ 6:30am local time and rolled-in to Pecos just under 12 and 1/2 hours. (Google maps shows 636 miles.) Ironically - I was cold for the first 4 hours - all the way through Pagosa Springs and about half way to Santa Fe. I was comfortable for the next 2-hours through Santa Fe and on towards Vaughn NM. Just before Roswell, my gauge was reading 113. It was 113-115 all the way until Pecos (just before 8:00pm local.) It was brutal, but wanted to have a "short" trip today. This morning I left about 7:30 am and rode for about 6-hours to San Antonio. Half the trip was ok - but the last hour my gauge was reading 109.


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Quality is lame - sorta 1980s - but it's the "camera" I packed. :) Your pics (and Brenda's) are awesome!

Good luck tomorrow and the rest of your trip!


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well are route was bit epic but ended up in ouray only saw 2 fz1s one with nc plates but when questioned had nowt to do with forum
other was a blur one yoshi exhaust and red white helmet owner i guess was drinking in the ouray brewery as bike outside

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We kept an eye out for ya Luke! Sorry we our paths didn't cross on this frickin' awesome would that have been though?


I made it home! Two days of (ambient) 115-degrees in Texas. I rode from Ouray all the way to Pecos, TX on day one. It was rough!

Good luck Dustin on your return trip! Thanks for giving me motivation since you're going farther! :(

Thanks Brenda and John for being my tour-guide!

I don't think words can describe the awesomeness. :) It was SPECTACULAR! Great to meet and ride with you guys. Until next time!!!!! Mark

edit: GREAT pics - please post more if you got 'em!
636 miles on the FZ1 is an impressive feat. I don't care what aftermarket seat you have.