How many miles on your fz1??


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by the way, i'm up to 175miles on the fz1.
5000 on the badit1200s(sold)
5000ish on the v65 magna(sold)


Just barely over 4000 miles on my '06, but I bought it used this Spring. Rained a lot here in the Northeast in June so there wasn't much riding to be had.


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When I got rid of my 600 Katana, I had put 50,000 on it... I put 17,000 on the FZ the first year I had it... meanwhile... in the past 2 years, I've put 400 miles on my truck.


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lonerider59. you had the comments about oil.on another thread.. amsoil.....account for most of those miles, is that right??


Just rolled 2000 miles and I got the FZ1 on June 6th, 2009.

'08 FZ6 - 7400 miles (traded in)
'05 FZ6 - 6800 miles (sold)

All the rest? About 48000 on the street and easily 50k+ on off-road bikes and ATCs.

My first motorized two wheels was at 11 yrs old. That was 33 yrs ago! :eek:


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1100 miles in about 3 weeks or so. I had just put on over 10,000 miles on an'08 FZ6 in 11 months. I was quite satisfied with the bike. Then there was that whole "I can no longer be FZ6inNH" thread.

I can see it will be even easier to put the miles on the FZ1. Mostly because its a beast on the highway. It eats up miles (and gas) there and refuses to get off or slow down.


I picked up my 01' the last week of October 08' with 11,530 miles. Today I have 18,450. That was done in 6 months of riding and like NJFZ1 said, with all the rain we've had, I probably have more like 3-1/2 months worth of riding. Every mile has been a BLAST!


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Well, I just turned 32k -- so I was around 8k for a year worth of riding. Limited trips out -- mainly just commuting from one meeting to the next and an extended way home whenever possible...

My car has unfortunately seen more miles but it is a 600 mile round trip twice a month.

gonna try for 12k this year.
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How many miles

How many miles have you guys got on your fz1's??
Total miles on bikes??
I just bought a 2005 FZ1 less than a month ago. It only had 1680 miles on it. I now have 2800 plus miles. I got a great deal on it and it's in brand new condition.
I also bought a Kawasaki KLR 650 new in 05. I've put over 22,000 mile on it.