I wanna go naked

I just got a 2008 and wanna lose my plastics. Done a little digging and all I really find is kits on ebay. Has anyone tried these kits and are they decent quality? Otherwise any advice on where to look for conversion kits? Would also like to change the rear plastics and lose the passenger handles. Would appreciate any insight!


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I was looking at the same kits On eBay and was wounding the same, are the kits of any good? Looks like they are missing the rad sides.


I did the conversion. Got a headlight , bracket , and indicators along with the cover for under the clocks from a breakers in england. Yamaha parts. However I did check the eBay kit . It looks good. 're route the headlight loom back under the airbox. As it's massive. It tucks away nicely under the airbox. The rest can fold behind headlight with a few cable ties to make it tidy. My light came with the bulbs. In it so I just had to cut one parking light wire and 're join to make both my parking lights run on the single headlight. The other headlight wire and parking light block I taped up
. As it's no longer needed. Turned out a good job. Ps. Check the wires in the headlight block and clocks block. They can get brittle over time. Two of mine broke when I was out on the bike after conversion . Bike flashed hi temp on clocks fuel pump wouldn't prime and bike wouldn't start. . Easy fix . It's all good now.


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Hello, new to the forum. Looking for help installing the conversion kit for the street fighter look.

Does anybody live in the Washington DC / Maryland area.

Thanks for any replys.