JEFFKISTHENAME'S Build Thread - A Timeline of Growth

Did a bunch of installing...not pictured is the Power Commander 5 (Loaded the Stage 3 JonDaddy82 map suggested by Duken4evr in his thread on the other forum, even though I don't have modded flies). Rode the bike to get gas and Ice Cream and she rips. Love it. Map made the Power band a lot smoother.

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April 6, 2017 I bought the bike used with 878 miles. 7 months later, and I've now got 15k miles on the bike. Love this bike.

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Jeff, you're treating that bike like it deserves! Good on you!

Here's to another 15k and beyond. Thanks for sharing with us!
New to me Mivv exhaust from Mike. Also, my Copperdawg shipment was delivered. Just gotta find time to install the parts...

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Made time to install the Copperdawg SS2 Windscreen and Belly Pan.

Mini photo shoot!!!

***Raw photos without edits***

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