Wild turkey brought me down!

Damn Yankee

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Y'all started talking about this, and hexxed me, was riding home yesterday and 2 vultures decided they wanted to fight in the road.

damn this bike can stop fast.
Bones and bikes heal. Glad to hear you're ok and you were dressed for the crash even after 25years.
Maybe lucky you were knocked out though. 25lb of tenderised turkey grilled on a scorching header could tempt the best of us ;-)


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I hit one, too...

I hit a large wild turkey while riding on my Dr650 Suzuki.
Riding on a back dirt road, I came around a corner at speed & saw the bird on the left side of the road about 50 yds ahead. I hit the brakes & as I struggled to slow down, the bird started across the road. When I got close, it took off, hitting my windshield, mirror & shoulder, in that order, & shooting straight up in the air.
As I slid to a stop, I was showered with entrails & blood, as the bird fell into the ditch on my right. I walked over to see the turkey let out a gasp & die. It was split wide open, too damaged to even take home for supper.

Broke the right turn signal & right lower corner off the windshield, but no other damage to the bike.

Scared about 10 years off my life!


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I would look forward to every Thanksgiving dinner thereafter as "Revenge Day."

I see the original post was about 6 weeks ago. How goes the healing?


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I hope everything is healing up well. I'm sorry to hear about the stupid turkey. Throw up some pictures if you are up to it.

When you make it back to riding, wear this to let the turkeys know you mean business!