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  • as soon as i get the chance i will try to get some better close ups of the shield for you. will let you know when i get them uploaded. It also does a good job at deflecting rain. went up to indiana with my stepdad to pick up a vmax he bought this summer and got caught in a thunderstorm for about 80 miles. didn't have to wipe my face shield once. finally stuck it back on the trailer though, wouldn't reccomend just going riding in the rain if you didn't have to.
    i'm running the anodized aluminum bolts instead of the factory plastic ones, which probably wouldn't hurt to use. The shield is very sturdy, it's not going to bend unless your really stretching the bike out. Personally tested up to 130 and 140 a few times and i didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with it. the shape of the v stream cuts through the wind good.
    The first mod that i did though was to get rid of that rear fender. Put a fender eliminator and dropped the rear about 2 inches, looks alot better.
    Hey, the windshield is a national cycle v stream.

    National Cycle: Products: My Order

    Know it looks a little high but it works really good. my neck hasn't been sore since i got this thing, and i'm using HJC cl-max modular helment, which is a little on the heavy side.
    Also you don't have to scrunch up on top of the tank to completely get behind it for those highway passes, can't just ease by someone on this bike.
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