How many miles on your fz1??


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56k on a 2007. Bone stock, but looking for a new shock option. Just did another clutch - I only get around 20k on them.
Fixed so far: coils, generator, fork seals, wheel bearings, broken header stud, fried main power contact plug, cheesy inner farings, plus chains and sprockets and other wear and tear items.
Front rotors are next.


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Bought my '07 FZ1 on August of this year. I just sent out the ECU to have it flashed and the odometer reads roughly 8,800 miles more than when purchased. Awesome Bike!


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120.000 miglia sull'orologio questa mattina quando sono partito per il lavoro.
che lavoro hai fatto sulla bici ???


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120.000 miglia sull'orologio questa mattina quando sono partito per il lavoro.
che lavoro hai fatto sulla bici ???
Google Translates that as "what work did you do on the bike ???"

The meaning of my statement was I rode it to work. I ride to and from work pretty everyday of the week.

If you are asking what work have I put into the bike to keep it running for 120,000+ miles, it has not been much. Here is my maintenance log I keep in a Google Sheet:

2003 FZ1 Maintenance Log
DateMileageOil ChangedOil Filter ChangedOther Work DoneNotesMiles on Tire/Brakes
08.16.201340693Mobil 1 4MT 10-40Fram ph6017a
08.27.2013New Front Brake Pads
09.16.2013New Front TireMoved from 02 FZ1
11.30.201344900New Rear TireMoved from 02 FZ1 [Bridgestone Sport Touring Battlax BT023 180/55Z 17R M/C (73w)]
03.11.201447752Added some Oil.
03.11.201447789New Chain Installed - NCHM RK Chain 530XSOZ1-120 XRING MA
05.03.201449640New Front Tire
06.24.201451471Mobil 1 4MT 10-40Fram ph6017a
09.05-201453943New Rear TireBridestone Sport Touring Battlax T30 180/55ZR179957
10.08.201455176Fork Seals and Bushing Replaced.
10.08.201455176New NGK Plugs
10.08.201455176Radiator FlushRemoved Radiator to get to spark plugs. Refilled. Peak
11.02.201456567Mobil 1 4MT 10-40Fram ph6017aOil Changed.
03.28.201561500New Front TireBridgestone T30 120/70ZR 17M/C11860
03.28.201561500New Gasket Yamaha Part Number 3273697
05.30.201563734Lucas semi syn 10-40Fram ph6017a
06.12.201563900New Rear Tire Bridgestone T30 180/55ZR178600
10.15.201567711New Rear Brake Pads
01.15.201670680Lucas semi syn 10-40 (3 quarts)wix 51358

02.27.201672500New Front TireBridgestone T30 120/70ZR 17M/C11000
02.27.201672500New Rear TireBridgestone T30 180/55ZR17
06.07.201675680added 9oz oil
07.04.201675948Lucas semi syn 10-40 (3.5 quarts)wix 51358.5 Quart still in Bottle on shelf
11.24.201681494Lucas semi syn 10-40 (3.5 quarts)wix 51358.5 Quart still in Bottle on shelf
02.04.201783000New Rear Tire180/55ZR-17 (73W) Shinko 009 Raven10500
2.27.201783450Valve Adjustment2 shims moved, one replaced. new Plugs, new air filter.
04.15.201785594New Front Tire120/70ZR-17 (58W) Shinko 009 Raven13,094
04.21.201786000Lucas semi syn 10-40 (3.5 quarts)wix 51358 XP
05.19.201787000New Chain Installed - NCHM RK Chain 530XSOZ1-120 XRING MA
07.03.201788000Lucas Semi Syn 10-40Added 1/3 quart
08.01.201789750Lucas Semi Syn 10-40Added 1/3 quart
10.09.201792400seat coveredSOS in oceanside. 1 year warranty.
10.14.201792654New Rear Tire180/55ZR-17 (73W) Shinko 009 Raven9654
10.31.201793449Lucas Semi Syn 10-40Added 1/2 quart
11.08.201793876Lucas semi syn 10-40 (3.5 quarts)wix 51358 XPOil Changed
11.08.201793876New BatteryYUASA BATT YT14B-4 (YT14B-BS) - $119.00
02.23.201897xxxLucas Semi Syn 10-40Added 200ml
03.31.201898180Lucas Semi Syn 10-40 (3.5 qts)mobil1 m1-108
05.23.201899453New Front Tire120/70ZR-17 (58W) Shinko 009 Raven13,859
05.23.201899453New Front Brake PadsRenthal RC-1 Sport Brake Pad - Sintered Double H - Front Left - 2003 YAMAHA FZ157,453
07.31.2018102316New Rear Tire180/55ZR-17 (73W) Shinko 009 Raven9,662
08.17.2018103120Lucas Semi Syn 10-40 (3.5 qts)wix 51358 XP
11.27.2018105756added 200ml
02.24.2019107407Mobil 1 10-40 Full Syn (3.5 qtsFram ph6017a
03.20.2019107980new chainRNK 530, work done at ECC - will need sprockets next time, get steel sprockets.
05.27.2019109831rear padsEBC double h sintered
06.13.2019110772motorex 10/50 full syn 3.5 qtsmobil1 m1-108a
08.08.2019112000Fork Seals replaced - $200 Labor - $51.20 parts
10.19.2019113661New Rear Tire180/55ZR-17 (73W) Shinko 009 Raven11,345
10.19.2019113,661New Front Tire120/70ZR-17 (58W) Shinko 009 Raven14,208
01.27.2020115,1403.5 qts Mobil 1 10/40Fram ph6017a
03.21.2020115,800motorex 10/50 full syn 3.5 qtsFilter keptWater Pump Seals, New Impeller, new lower radiator bracket.
08.22.2020118,278motorex 10/50 full syn 3.5 qtsMobil 1 M1-108a
10.18.2020119,500New Rear Tire180/55ZR-17 (73W) Shinko 009 Raven (replaced early due to split from road debris)5,839
12.16.2020120,600Rear Tail Light bulbs changed.