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Hello all, my name is Craig. I live in Carmichael CA. It's a part of the greater Sacramento area.
I'm almost 58. I've been riding bikes since I was about 14. My Dad had a Yamaha 90 Enduro. Learned to ride on that.Rode the heck out of that thing. Bought my first bike back in 1984. It was a 1982 Honda CB900F Super Sport.
A pretty quick bike for it's time. I kept that bike many years. At one point I sunk several thousand bucks in the motor. And it was fast as hell. Thing scared me a time or two. Kept that bike several more years & eventually sold it. Didn't ride for many years. I became a father & put off getting another bike until about 6 years ago. Since then I've had a 2006 Ducati S2R 1000 Monster, a 2007 Aprilia RSV 1000 V twin, a 2013 Aprilia V4 Tuono. I've found that Italian bikes are fine. But, too costly to maintain for me. I knew a guy that had an FZ1 & liked it real well. So, I found one I liked & I've been very happy with it. Parts are a lot cheaper & it's reliable & easy to maintain. It's a blue 2009. I'm basically retired. But work out of my garage building custom PC's once in a while. I replaced the dreaded faulty rotor in the charging system. Pretty easy job. Glad I got it out of the way. As for riding there's plenty of great roads up in this area. Average ride ride is around 165 miles. Looking forward to seeing how well the FZ1 handles this summer. Thanks for having me. Pleasure to be here.


Welcome aboard Craig. I too, have the blue 09' and love it. Still haven't done the stator yet but this spring I'll take care of that a I'd like to replace the clutch with a new unit. I've put almost 20,000 miles on it and she still runs like a champ.


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Hello Dennis Scott here. Have been riding motorcycles since 1960. First bike was a sears moped with 2 1/2 hp. Dream 300, Honda 65 , 62 Vespa,, 73 elsinore 250, Kawasaki 900, Kawasaki 500 triple, Kawasaki zx14, numerous other dirt bikes and other road bikes. I got out of motorcycles for a few years and built 10 different ultralight aircraft. Mostly easy risers and kolb. I now own a 1999 XVZ1300TF with 70 k miles and a 2002 fz1 I worked as a bmw motorcycle mechanic for 5 years after I retired. Shit goes goes wrong with bmw’s that would never go wrong with a jap bike. Over engineered just like mercedes629E3857-2A98-41B4-9315-448F885B8FFD.jpeg


Great to have you here Dennis. I happy to see that we still have newcomers joining the site. Love the GenI. It's a great bike with nice power and long range. It's nice not having to stop every hour to fill the tank.


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Hi y'all,
Thanks for accepting my registration on this forum.
Name is John
I'm from Singapore... not a great place for riding actually but heck, I love bikes.
I'll be turning 57 this year
Started out riding in 1983...DT175E
Stop then reborn biker in 2005...had a nasty accident in 7 Feb 2007 (T-boned a bus that shot the red light), survived but bus ran over my right foot.
Wife banned me for the last 12 years. Finally let me back on bikes Dec 2019.
Picked up the lovely 2011 FZ1S last month after a brief stint with a 2010 Z1000 prior from Dec '19 to Feb '20.
Retrenched in 2007..... I wonder why haha, local employers have no empathy and local labour laws... well I'd say they sucked if we had any haha.
Working in car trade since retrenchment in 2007.

Well that's about me in a nutshell.

Cheers and happy safe riding y'all


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Hey all, new member here form upstate NY. Owned the FZ1 since April and have about 1000 miles on it. So far i've done mostly cosmetic changes to the bike and will get a pic up when I can!