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Hello Everyone,
my nane is Oscar, just signed on this forum. Looking around for inspiration on mods
my actual ride is "Maya" FZ1-S 2011 ABS
I've been riding for 11 years my "D-Lips" FZS-1000 (150k miles)
I'm living in London UK
Thank you
Love the yellow highlights on Maya. Welcome


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Hi my name is Paul

Live in York, UK. Own a White 2014 FZ1NA since new. She is gorgeous. Longest time owning a bike. I have had many bikes.

Mods include scorpion exhaust, red braided brake lines, tailtidy, small windshield (looks good, too small to have any effect ). Looking for a rear Ohlins.

I don’t tour. Just blast about for about 150 - 200 miles. Great handling bike. Great looks and presence.

I did look at model replacement MT10. But my FZ1NA better in every respect. Made no sense to part with it. Its just a brilliant stable and fast bike.



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New FZ1 Owner here in VA. I just picked up a 2013 with 8100 miles a couple weeks ago and it has absolutely captivated me. Previous bikes were an '84 Kawi GPZ, '07 FZ6, I currently have a '19 MT-09 in addition to the 2013 FZ1...the way it's going the mt-09 might be on the chopping block soon LOL! If anyone is in the central VA area, let's ride!IMG_20200908_171812__01.jpg
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My name is Loki and I am from Colorado. I Purchased my 2006 FZ1 two days ago! very excited and I have already put 300 miles on it. (might have put the plates from another bike on it) Any ways I am going to sell my 2002 Honda CB919 as the FZ1 is a complete upgrade. I rebuilt the 919 from a bad wreck and made it rather beastly. I am finding myself ready to put the same 100 hours of wrenching into making the FZ1 "MY" bike. So I might have already dropped most of a K into parts. lol. Coffman short exhaust, Wiseco fuel controller, color changing vinyl wrap, bar end mirrors, better front turn signals, new Michelin front tire, Vans waffle grips, Angel/demon eye headlights, tank grip pads, bar ends, front sprocket... there is probably more but I'm distracted by wanting to order a set of no rise dirt bike width handle bars and one more thing I already forgot. Any ways I am thinking about calling it the Omega project. Should I start another thread about it and try to post my mods? or should I just add to the mods thread that's already there?

Also doing the air box mods, block off plates, +- cat elimination, throttle position calibration(its really snaggy with the throttle and my pillions don't like it), obviously the exhaust valve... any more I should know about?

Thanks in advance,

P.s. I grew up riding dirt bikes, doing dual sport and street riding now as well as commuting. I let my MSF coaching license lapse this last year as 1-1 lessons are more fun than the big classes, even if it is less profitable. 38080.jpegIMG_20200913_191626000.jpg