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    long term storage suggestions...

    thanks for the suggestions. after further reading I am having second thoughts on topping the tank an adding fuel stabilizer vs. draining it completely. the reasoning is moisture in the fuel tank and also the possibility of the fuel lines developing dry rot. i found this info on the net and am...
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    long term storage suggestions...

    Int'l work assignment will require 18 mos. storage of my vehicles. besides pulling the battery and draining the fuel (i think 18mos is too long for fuel stabilizer), putting her on the center stand and a front paddock stand is there anything with the oil and/or chain that i should do? thanks in...
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    Need Help Getting Dirty and Adventerous

    Yami WR250X... very versatile rig. you can swap out the wheels for dirt/street in just a few minutes. Small, nimble, great gas milage (65mpg), FI power plant, and you can throw it on a simple bike platform with a standard 2" trailer hitch and take your adventure ANYWHERE. Motard is da bomb.
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    Looking for a modulating LED brake light kit

    i agree 1000% with your reasoning. being a successful bike commuter and living to tell about it EVERYDAY requires very keen situational awareness. you can absolutely do your best to buffer the traffic flow but getting the attention of the cagers behind you while they are in la-la land and not...
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    Discussing FZ8 vs FZ1

    i think the FZ8 motor is a sleeved down FZ1 motor?.. if that is the case why on earth would you want the same size motor, heavier too with less power? baffling :eyebrow:
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    UPDATE: Chinese Yamaha Keys

    instead of wedging paper inside the key shell, mix up some PJ weld and put that in there. it will fill in the gaps and dry rock hard.
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    Birthday ride......FAIL !!!

    thanks for the link! i just ordered a pair :)
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    Had Fun Chasing An Audi R8 On My KTM Superduke

    My thoughts exactly; that would NEVER happen on the east coast... Mid-Atlantic drivers are incredibly rude, obnoxious, self-centered, ego maniac, soccer moms driving mammoth SUVS in a panic dash to a shopping mall while chatting to their therapist on a cell phone about the traumatic discovery of...
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    Easy tire mounting.

    I found these surfing youtube... mount: How to mount motorcycle tire with zipties - YouTube dismount: How to dismount motorcycle tire with zipties - YouTube disclaimer: not me in video. ps. nice shoes... Dorothy
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    FS: Gen II Two Brothers Carbon M2 Slip On W/Insert Like New

    Wat??? why on earth would you put that tumor of a drag anchor back on your machine? My baby is sporting a two brothers carbon slip-on and its the bomb.
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    Riding backpacks

    i use a Timbuk2 messenger bag. made from ballistic nylon, water proof and infinitely customizable to your taste in color and/or function. the messenger bag uses a sling or quiver type strap but they also make a backpack option with two straps. btw: they are made in good 'ol USA and they...
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    How Not To Ride!

    at least his helmet match his bike. :eek: ...poor bike.
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    New member welcome thread...

    yes... i still have my Bandit. i will shine her up and put her on CraigsList. I hate to see her go. i have a lot of good memories straddling that machine but i'm sure i will build new ones with my Fz1. the older bandits (pre 2002) are air cooled/oil cooled gsxr1100 motors bored out. the damn...
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    2011 Suzuki GSX1250FA Review

    they can call GSX...whatever. it is still a Bandit. don't get me wrong i rode a Bandit 1200N for 10 years and the low end torque is amazing. i love the simplicity of the old air cooled gsx1100 motor, although this is several years beyond that technology. in the UK they (Suzk) has a nice...
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    New member welcome thread...

    greetings... just purchased a '09 Fz1 as a leftover. coming off of a '01 Bandit 1200cc that i managed to put 37k miles on it. She still runs like a champ (can't kill that gsx1100 air cooled motor). anyway, the deal on the '09 Fz1 was too good not to pass up and so far i'm very impressed with...