1. D

    HEL Performance Master Cylinder

    Has anyone here got any experience with these? I've ordered myself one for my 2007 FZ1-S along with HEL brake lines. I'm wondering if I need to purchase a brake fluid reservoir as well.
  2. FTL900

    WTB ASAP Gen1 rear brake system

    Please delete this post. Found the parts I need, please delete this post.
  3. ghetto_d

    FP Racing Levers for 2nd Gen

    FP Racing Brake & Clutch Levers (adjustable) for FZ1 06+ $110 shipped OBO Long length. Pewter lever color with natural/silver adjuster color. Basically perfect condition, with a couple slight marks in points of contact - nothing visible. Only one season of use.
  4. R

    LED tail/brake light bulb review

    So I bought a pair off ebay, they were $15, I should have looked to see if you could get singles but I was in a rush. My son and I switched the bulbs back and forth 2X to best determine which one was brighter. The LED is definitely brighter but only by 15% for the brake light and maybe 20%+...
  5. S

    Gen II brake light problem

    Did some small electrical work this weekend and appear to have screwed up my brake light. I'm not sure exactly when the light stopped working, but here's the sequence of events: - Installed dash cams hooked up to a relay which came on with the rear running light (via wire tap into the running...
  6. Strider7

    2nd Gen right side rear set & rear brake lever

    Looking for a stock right side rear set (the big bracket thing that the rear brake lever mounts to) and the aforementioned rear brake lever. I'm in Texas. Just checking to see if anyone might have these used and in decent shape, maybe as takeoffs because they upgraded) before I order new ones.
  7. Dustin

    Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail light

    I recently purchased and installed a pair of Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail lights. These are OEM replacements for 7443 bulbs and are not touted as bigger or brighter but have a 12 year life guarantee, consume less power and offer the 'instant on' of LED lights. I was...
  8. H

    Gen 1 brake lines

    ISO Brake lines for a Gen 1
  9. B

    Hel brake lines FZ1n (routing)

    Hello All, Can anyone who has done this mod post some pictures of their routing? I'd like to see the optimal master cylinder/bottom yoke options. Also, does anyone still use the original brake line bracket to hold braided lines? Some guides I have seen completely ignore this, whereas others...
  10. C

    GEN 2 brake calipers

    Hello, Wanted Left side Gen 2 front brake caliper. I wouldn't mind buying the Left & Right set too if available...! Cheers Aditya
  11. ghetto_d

    Rear brake problems - STILL!

    Alrighty, boys: I struggled with my gen2 all last season, trying to get the rear brake working properly after replacing the lines. It's been dragging, and has been way too soft. At this point, I have done basically everything to try to rectify the situation, and here's where I am at right...
  12. DenArnold

    GEN2 forks + brake Callipers + frontbrake pump

    After my front fork conversion (using an R1 front fork, brake callipers and pump) I'm clearing out my cupboard and selling off the originam OEM GEN2 front forks and brakes 1.Fork set SOLD. Axle available 20€ 2. Set of front axial brake callipers SOLD 3. OEM front brake pump with adjustable...
  13. Klurejr

    Integrated Brake and turn signals jacket

    Anyone else seen this? Looks really cool.
  14. a7x3797

    Front brake clunk on initial pull

    So i've been searching around and haven't found any concrete answers... When I grab the front brake, I hear a clunk come from the front front end. It only happens on initial pull. I read it could be due to the caliper pin or possible the floating joints on the rotor... I wanted to know if...
  15. dugancFz1

    Rox Risers

    Anyone know if Rox Risers will work with stock brake lines and wiring?...
  16. ghetto_d

    Rear brake dragging - SMS!

    (SMS = Save My Sanity) Looking for advice This winter, I removed all brake components from my genII. Started out as just a disassembly/cleaning/replacing fluid, but I ended up replacing levers, rearsets, lines. Cleaned up rotors, calipers. After tons of bleeding, I couldn't get the rear...
  17. Dreamdemon

    2006 Fz1 Gen II in CA

    Hi, NEW PRICE 3500$ I am selling my trusted Fz1 Gen II 2006, it is located in Foster City, CA (SF Bay area). The bike was carefully maintained and has had it's 2nd valve adjustment done. All maintenance is done and the bike needs nothing (new brake fluid and oil just last week). The bike was...
  18. D

    handlebar risers!

    looking at buying risers! 1inch up 1 inch back! can i use stock cables ? i hope so? hydrallic brake cable looks tight? 2007 fz1
  19. Johnnylane

    Rear Brake Help Please

    Was changing the rear tire tonight. Pulled off the brake caliper and this clip fell off. No idea where it came from. Can anyone identify it so I can locate in the service manual please? Its in the aftermarket vendor drawing below, but no real identification. Appreciate any help...
  20. fazertazer1

    brake pads

    Has anyone ever heard of the brand factory spec brake pads? I can get a whole set front and bake for 18$ on ebay. Just wondering if anyone has used them and how they held up.