1. A

    luggage suggestions

    Hi all, I'm picking up a Gen II a few states away and riding it home. I'll be on the bike for close to a week, so I need to set it up with some luggage. Ideally, I'd like to get a rear rack that I can strap a dry bag to, and then set up some soft saddlebags. My questions are these: 1...
  2. J

    New Product for the Gen2

    Hi guys - Over the past few months, I've been working on a new product for the Gen2 FZ1, and I'm getting very close to being ready to launching it. Even before having a Gen2, I never liked the options available for mirror block off plates on the Gen2. They all were compromises based on time...
  3. delbert

    Cluster or loom issue ?

    Hi guys Came back from an 80 mile run, bike running perfect , stopped for 20 mins then started up and she was only running on three cylinders .. limped home and left it till the following day ,started her up and running as normal then cut out and won't restart, now the cooling fan runs at low...
  4. johnnyontherocks

    I'm back on a Yamaha 1000

    Well this season Ill be racing and coaching on a 2016 R1. I built it for a customer at a shop I work for. He fell on hard times so I got it at a steal. 2016 1,450 miles. Armour Bodies body work, Brembo 19x18, Brembo T Drive rotors, Translogic Qs Auto blip and pit lane warm up,Evol tech rear sets...
  5. ferraiolo1

    905 race armor

    I spent a lot of time looking on here and other sites and came up empty with what I wanted. I wanted some extra protection above regular frame sliders. And I also wanted to run a belly pan, so the swmotech and givi cages were out. So I contacted 905racing who build stunt cages. They told me they...
  6. FZ1inTX

    Bike stand

    Does anyone own one of these? This looks very nice, especially for extensive work on the bike. BURSIG USA Motorcycle Stands
  7. B

    F/s F/t 2006 fz1 shift red

    Looking to sell or trade my fz1, wanting a 350z 6speed or sale for 6000, tons of work, never been down , and well maintained. See details in pics, thanks!
  8. U

    Any FZ1 owners in the St. Louis area that can help me with some mad science???

    Hey all, I've got a project FZ6 that I've been working on. One of the things I've done on it so far is swap out the headers for R6 headers (with a shorty GP exhaust) and dropped the undertail exhaust. That's left me with this: I was never really that much of a fan of the FZ6 style tail...
  9. Delta

    Wheel Rims...?

    I have a 2006/7 fz1n What other rims will fit from fz1's etc guys? I want to buy some 2nd hand rims so I can get them painted up nice. As I ride the bike every day to and from work I can't be without it for more than a day or so.. Thanks in advance for any info. Delta.
  10. Hail

    My Next Triple

    Did the deal today and will pick up a Triumph Speed Triple R Tuesday after work.
  11. FZ1inTX

    No time...

    for riding! This is very sad to say but I've had the 2013 bike since I bought it new with zero miles for one year now. Last night, I managed to crest 2,020 miles on the ODO... one year.... I've never owned a bike and put so few miles on it! Life happened, so much going on right now...
  12. Oldschool

    Recalculating…. Trip 2015

    Prelude This has been a tumultuous season so far with so many plans come and gone like the shifting winds of a forest fire. Just when you think you have the situation under control another shift in circumstances and it’s time for a new plan. I cannot remember a time in my adult life when the...
  13. FZ1inTX

    FZ1in...... TX?

    Sorry I've not been on much everyone. Real life got in the way and I've been swamped with work and household projects. Hellgate already knows but I'll share it here... some of you knew I was looking to get out of New England and find a better climate to ride a lot more often. Well, Pete...
  14. Klurejr

    Site and Forum Searching is not working

    I cannot get the search function to work for any search words.
  15. FZ1inTX

    '74 RD Customizing

    My boss sent me this link. Amazing amount of work into this jewel! Randy's Cycle Service & Restoration: 1974 Yamaha RD 250/350
  16. R

    Headlight wiring, need help

    Okay guys, I am trying to wire up an aftermarket headlight temporarily while I wait on my new naked setup to come in. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it work. The new headlight is a two wire unit (power and ground). I've tried every combination of plugging the wires into the...
  17. Sactown2008

    Stuttering at Idle (and Low Throttle) on Gen II with 15k on the bike

    Anyone ever had the Gen II running fine everyday, then the one day while it is idling or low throttle is has a hesitation? I rode to work and the gym last night. Bike running great, like always. It has not had ANY servicing other than I do oil changes and clean/lube chain. This morning...
  18. M

    Faulty speedo/dash

    Hi all, just wondering if a faulty speedo/dash can stop bike my 07 fz1s from starting? Dash went out(only the lcd part) indicator and neutral lights work on dash only. Now bike won't start, just winds over?? Can the faulty dash really cause this?
  19. delbert

    power commander 3

    Been getting a little confused with all the numbers , Iooking for a used pc but the numbers on the ones I see don't corrispond with dyno jets site , been searching but can't see ,,, anyone know if 420 410 from r1 Work on 2006 fz1, Thanks for any input
  20. Devilsyam

    Hydro carbon dipping

    got into this before Christmas and its gone blooming mad im sure there must be places stateside that cater for this but here are some examples of work done for uk fazer / fz1 owners been busy